• Michelle Nunn

    It's time to end the gridlock and dysfunction in Washington. We need bipartisanship and collaboration for a functional Congress.

  • Jason Carter

    Nathan is No Deal for Georgia's students. We need to restore the Hope Scholarship and Support Our Teachers!

  • Nathan Deal

    Under Nathan Deal, Georgia is ahead in poverty and unemployment and behind in education. That's a Bad Deal. It's time to send Nathan to the unemployment line too.

  • David Perdue

    He got rich by sending thousands of American jobs overseas. Don't trust him to represent Georgia in the Senate.

  • Michelle Nunn

    Let's help get Congress working for the people once again.

Turn Georgia Blue is a progressive political action committee aimed at dismantling the stranglehold the Republican Party has on Georgia politics.

The Republican Party has built a Georgia that is behind in education and is ahead in poverty. Our leaders have supported backwards policies that have damaged our state. Its time to send a message to the rest of the nation that Georgia will not allow this to continue. This November we will show the nation we are a state of growing diversity and new progressive ideals. We must undo the damage the Republican Party has done and fight for a better Georgia.

The only positive future for Georgians is one without the Republican Party. We stand in support of progressive candidates that want to bring about meaningful change for our state. Join us in building a better future today and help us turn Georgia blue.